Welcome to the Court Services Branch juror eResponse system.

The primary purpose of the eResponse system is to provide a quick easy way to respond to a juror summons.  You can log into this system anytime to:   

  • Confirm your attendance for the selected date(s) on your summons.

  • Request to be excused/exempt from selection date(s) for specific reasons.

  • Claim disqualification on specific grounds.

  • Update your personal details (email, occupation, address etc.).

  • Check on the status of your attendance or excusal request.

  • Check for selection date cancellations.

 Please note: if there are multiple jury selection dates listed on your summons package and you can attend some but not all dates, please contact the sheriffs at 1-855-660-0605 to discuss your excusal request.


In all circumstances, it is your responsibility to attend jury selection as indicated on your summons unless you have received a dismissal, excusal or cancellation notice either from this system or by email from the sheriff’s office.


You must respond to your summons either:

  • Online through the eResponse system at least two days prior to your jury selection date; or

  • By mailing in your certification form (the bottom portion of your summons) by the time period stated on your summons.


Please make note of the following important information that you will need to know when you enter the system:

For those 65 years of age and over

  • If you would like to be excused from this jury selection but keep your name available for future jury selections, log into eResponse and select the “Excuse Service” exemption.

  • If you would like to be removed permanently from this and any future jury selections, select “Disqualify Service.” For this option, it is NOT necessary for you to call or confirm this with the sheriff’s office.  If any further verification is required, the sheriffs will contact you.

For those wanting to check on status of their excusal request

  • Log into eResponse and navigate to the “Profile/Status & Service information” tab. This area will also include notifications of jury selection cancellations.


Step 1: Enter the panellist ID number located in the top left corner of your summons.

Step 2: Enter your postal code as noted on your summons.

Step 3: Agree to the declaration. Your summons is a court order of attendance and the declaration has the same legal consequences as an oath given in court.

Step 4: Click ‘Log In’.


More Information on Jury Duty

Technical difficulties
Court Services Branch does its best to ensure this system and email communication is available 24/7. However, there are exceptions outside of our control that may interrupt service briefly.

If you receive error messages or experience system issues, please try again a short time later. If the problem persists, please try a different device. Please note not all handheld devices, operating systems, browser configurations and custom settings may be compatible with this site.

If you continue to experience problems, please simply mail in your jury certification form in the pre-paid, self-addressed envelope provided with your summons within the stated time limit.

Personal information collection
The personal information required on this site is being collected under the authority of the Jury Act BC for the purpose of the administration of jury selection before the courts of British Columbia (see Section 2, Section 18, Section 3(1) and 3.1(1), Section 4, Section 6 (1-4), Section 7, Section 29(2). Further information about the collection and use of this information may be obtained by contacting the Central Jury Information Centre in Vancouver at: 1-855-660-0605 or BCJuryInquiry@gov.bc.ca.